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SEO: Problems and Opportunities in Bangladesh

SEO: Problems and Opportunities

Search engine optimization is still a major component of digital marketing. SEO is very important because often Google doesn’t rank content that is not done properly. So, to get content indexed and ranked, it is important to do SEO. The practice of SEO in Bangladeshi brands is nothing new. A number of websites strongly use SEO for their online success and brand growth.

SEO Agencies in Bangladesh

Problem #1

There are quite a good number of digital agencies in Bangladesh, and almost all of them do all types of digital marketing services like PPC, Paid ads, Google ads, Website development, domain and hosting services, and SEO.

This is not easy for an agency to be expert in all areas of digital marketing.

Yes, it is possible if there is a big team in the agency.

If I go to run a social media paid ad, I may need 4 to 8 hours to plan about the ad, design an image, check copywriting, think about a powerful CTA, and publish an ad. It is a time-consuming job if one is honest! Yes, it is also possible to publish an ad in 15 minutes using scrappy staff which will not bring any good at all, and will be a waste of money for the client.

I have found there are only a few agencies that are 100% dedicatedly providing complete SEO services: On-page SEO, off-page SEO, keyword research, link building, local SEO, technical SEO, international SEO, market research, and many other things on SEO. The job of SEO is not easy!

Some agencies fail to rank keywords, publish scrappy content, and never get SEO ranking at all. I have met SEO consultants, and found that their English language skill is the worst!

This is what I saw long ago when I was working at local and international companies. Some of the agencies I saw claim a cheap budget for SEO! This is so cheap and therefore many people get attracted to sign up.

Problem #2

One of the big problems I find in SEO agencies in Bangladesh is that they offer SEO packages like Basic, Silver, and Gold, three types of fees. It is found that their basic package lacks so many important elements of SEO like link building, technical SEO, etc.

My Question is, how can they rank your content if their package lacks major SEO elements? So where would be the SEO success?

SEO Opportunities:

epikx digital –The SEO Powerhouse

Epikx digital offers you the best SEO service in Bangladesh.

Here are the top reasons why we provide the best SEO services

  1. SEO Team – we have a well-trained team with practical experience in doing SEO, ranking a number of websites on Google SERP.
  2. Dedicated SEO Service – I said earlier that most agencies in Bangladesh are not dedicated SEO service providers, they do all, from Facebook ads, to PPC, SEO, etc. But we, at Epikx, we’re a 100% dedicated SEO service team, assuring you the best SEO outcome.
  3. English – Before coming to SEO and Digital Marketing, I was an English content writer for foreign brands. I was graduated in English literature and this was a great degree that qualified me for SEO and content writing.
  4. SEO Success: We will give you an estimated timeframe on when you should see your pages are ranked.


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