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Digital Marketing Training Institutes in Dhaka

If you’re looking to dive into the digital marketing world in Dhaka and enhance your skills, several training centers offer comprehensive courses to get you started. Here are some notable ones:

Creative IT Institute: For more details on their courses and services, you can visit

Third Hand Bangladesh: To learn more about their digital marketing and other courses, check out their site at

BITM (Basis Institute of Technology & Management): For information on their digital marketing and IT courses, visit

MOS IT BD: For details on their digital marketing courses and more, their website is

BKIICT BCC (Bangladesh Korea Institute of Information and Communication Technology): To find out more about their courses, you can go to

These websites will provide you with comprehensive information about each institute’s digital marketing courses, including course content, duration, fees, and how to apply.

Each of these institutes offers unique advantages, whether it’s the flexibility of online and offline classes, a focus on practical training, or comprehensive course content that covers the latest digital marketing trends and tools. By enrolling in one of these courses, you’re taking a significant step towards mastering digital marketing and advancing your career or business in today’s digital world.

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